Are cities the solution to droughts?

Despite having one of the most important water stress in Europe, Spain and Italy are the countries where water is the least expensive. Sometimes cities have to take the lead, that’s the ambition of the C40 cities do, lead by Anne Hidalgo, the current Mayor of Paris. It is especially essential in 2017 when the most severe drought of […]

Quatre-vingt-deux départements touchés par des restrictions d’eau

Le gouvernement présentera un nouveau plan national d’adaptation au changement climatique d’ici à la fin de l’année. Les pluies annoncées sur l’Hexagone n’y changeront rien : la France est au régime sec et cette situation perdurera au moins jusqu’à l’automne. Dans son dernier bilan de l’état des nappes d’eau souterraines, établi au 1er juillet, le Bureau de […]

Hydrao is available in B8ta store (Austin texas)

  Don’t miss out on @b8ta retail’s biggest promotion of the year and save 20% on all products, including HYDRAO. HYDRAO is the world’s first smart showerhead that enables significant water AND energy savings. Hurry, 8 days of b8ta won’t last long. Shop online ( or in-store 8/8 through 8/15.

HYDRAO links up with the Schneider Electric Positive Energy family challenge in Grenoble

The HYDRAO team met today with the families participating in Schneider Electric’s internal Positive Energy family challenge. We really enjoyed sharing ideas on how individuals and businesses can make small day-to-day changes to reduce their energy and water consumption. The challenge is a great initiative that promotes wider debate about preserving natural ressources, and prompts […]