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  • 22

    New product ! HYDRAO Shower Aloé

    March 22nd is the World Water Day, this is the date we chose to launch our brand new smart showerhead that will enable even more water savings. Because making people aware of their water usage since childhood is important to us, we develop the HYDRAO Shower product line-up: they...

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  • 08

    HYDRAO partners with United Utilities

    United Utilities has recently launched its new Innovation Lab, inviting bright and creative firms to work on some of its key business and customer challenges. HYDRAO is proud to be part of the adventure and partner with United Utilities for helping millions of housholds to save water with fun! We will...

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    Hydrao fait appel à la finance “verte” en ouvrant son capital

    Hydrao ouvre une partie de son capital aux particuliers pour accroître sa communauté et s’inscrire dans une démarche de financement vert et éthique. Voir ici. Alors que au “One Planet Summit”, Paris accueille le sommet de la finance “verte”. Au programme de cette initiative lancé par le président Emmanuel...

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  • 05

    Web Summit, Lisbon, November 6-9th

    HYDRAO is at the Environmental and Cleantech Hub, booth A587 at the WebSummit, the tech conference aiming at connecting the technology community with all industries. Already on the national Portuguese news ( see at 0:40) the 2nd day, the tradeshow is a big boost for HYDRAO image and industry contacts.

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  • 09

    HYDRAO supplies 10.000 showers to Singapore

    The water agency of Singapore, Public Utilities Board (PUB), will supply 10 000 flats with HYDRAO smart showerhead, that will alert users in real-time to the amount of water being used to raise awareness of consumption.

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