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Professional Water-Saving Solutions

Our HYDRAO Pro smart-water solutions are designed for businesses, organizations and government entities that want innovative and practical solutions for water and energy savings, while raising general awareness about environmental issues.

OEM Projects

OEM & Customized Projects

HYDRAO Pro smart shower technology can be integrated into OEM designs. We also collaborate closely with business partners on specific customer projects for driving water and energy conservation.

Water Monitoring

Monitoring Quality & Quantity

HYDRAO’s expertise in connected water solutions spans both water conservation and water quality monitoring and mananagement. Our innovative technology and data management solutions are designed for the wider water-control challenges facing large organizations and utility companies.

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Smart device innovation

Water-powered energy harvesting

Telecoms & data expertise

Intuitive applications & monitoring solutions

User experience & engagement

Industry & government partnerships

Water scarcity & impact through innovation.

Clean water is an increasingly rare resource, creating environmental, economical and societal challenges. Severe and recurring droughts in California, Singapore’s water shortage combat, and increasingly frequent water restrictions across Europe are just a few high-profile examples of the impact of climate change plus increased water usage in homes and industry. And that’s without the added risk of water quality issues.

Governments are actively trying to revert this trend through water-allocation and preservation policies and communication campaigns. Similarly, many companies have actively deployed sustainability policies and programs.

HYDRAO’s vision is to reinforce these efforts by placing water users at the heart of water conservation thanks to costumer-facing connected technology innovation. HYDRAO solutions combine simplicity and enjoyment, with sophisticated smart-water technology, to gently encourage changes in water usage habits. The use of positive visual indicators ensures user engagement is maintained over time, with the added benefits of positively reinforcing the sustainability messages of the organizations that deploy them.

HYDRAO solutions can be installed in homes or deployed on a wide scale with centralized water-monitoring and data-management tools to help customers make a real impact on the environment, while reducing water – and energy – spending.

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HYDRAO is working closely with multiple industry leaders and organizations to develop, distribute and deploy its smart solutions for water conservation and management.

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