HYDRAO solution for Hospitality

For hospitality building managers, HYDRAO offers innovative and
impacting solutions that improves customer retention and profitability.

Key advantages:

  • Bottom line optimization
  • Innovative user experience
  • Communicate on your corporate responsibility results
  • Plug and play


  • Water usage doubles at the hotel
  • Smart objects attractivity
  • Responsible tourism rapid growth

Case study

Customer issues

Golden Tulip Eurexpo Lyon has 133 rooms, and is resolutely respectful of the environment.

From its conception, the HQE building was designed to preserve the resources. In terms of operation, the hotel guarantees its guests an unforgettable stay, but always in a CSR approach.


HYDRAO Solution

With this in mind, Golden Tulip has asked HYDRAO to equip all rooms and suites with innovative, educational and ecological solutions.

A dedicated communication was developed and the deployment was completed in 48 hours.


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White paper 10 tips to lower social housing utility bills

Calculate your savings

Save twice by reducing your water and energy bills

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Savings with HYDRAO


Data collection

  • Consumer app
  • Business app
  • Gateway (for automatic data sync)


HYDRAO Shower - Aloé See the whole range

Fixed showerhead

Fixed showerhead HYDRAO - CEREUS See the whole range

HYDRAO - Yucca

Rainshower HYDRAO - Yucca See the whole range

Report & Data analysis

  • File report
  • Dedicated website
  • BMS integration (Building Management System)


Our solutions comply with GPRD law !

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More detail
Shower ALOÉ
More detail
More detail
Shower YUCCA
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EcoWhat supports individuals, businesses and institutions in a fun environmental approach focused on energy savings, waste management and sustainable consumption.

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