Impact USA leads the way as most active accelerator for French startups
Hydrao is part of the 7 selected start ups to follow the 10 weeks program in San Francisco.

At the heart of the Tech industry, Silicon Valley is home to numerous startups today ranked among the world’s largest companies by market cap. Around those giants, a rich, open and collaborative ecosystem is born, gathering top talents, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Those characteristics make Silicon Valley a unique destination for foreign startups, offering them all the resources they need to accelerate their growth in the U.S. as well as everywhere in the world.

Key facts

– More than 50% of the entire Digital industry
– 25% of the VC investments in the world
– More than 300,000 jobs in the Tech industry
– The ecosystem where 6 of the 10 biggest unicorns come from

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