United Utilities has recently launched its new Innovation Lab, inviting bright and creative firms to work on some of its key business and customer challenges. HYDRAO is proud to be part of the adventure and partner with United Utilities for helping millions of housholds to save water with fun! We will work together on maximising the benefits of our showerheads for customers facing vulnerable circumstances, in particular – that’s a key target for us, and for United Utilities too. The first step of our collaboration is the rolling out of a study with 150 people to gather feedback on HYDRAO showerhead.

Our CTO Vincent Bligny says: ” I am really looking forward to working with United Utilities and seeing how, by working with them, we can use innovation to positively impact peoples’ lives. Hopefully, in the next couple of years, United Utilities will be able to use HYDRAO as an example of what is possible for other small businesses.”