Community facilities

■ Control of expenses, in particular for local authorities
■ Transition from a world of plenty to a world of chronic water restrictions
■ Intensification of sports practices, leading to greater attendance

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Public awareness
Public awareness
Hydrao technology enables operators of community facilities to educate users and mobilize them towards a goal of sobriety
Lower operating costs
Lower operating costs
For the sake of cost control and profitability, operators of community facilities, whether public or private sector, are required to measure, control and reduce the consumption of water and associated energy.
Control and alert
Control and alert
Hydrao applications and Services offer synthetic and modular dashboards and allow the detection of abnormal consumption
Innovation and Simplicity
Innovation and Simplicity
Hydrao solutions combine the fun and high-tech aspect with the simplicity of installation and use
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Tell us a little bit about your business and we'll show you how much water and energy you could save.
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Our recommended solutions


A connected shower head with a flow rate of 6.6L / min
Aloé product sheet


A wall-mounted shower head with a flow rate of 6.6L / min
Cereus product sheet

Hydrao Meter


Hydrao's smart meter
Meter LoRA / Sigfox product sheet

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