Sustainable Hospitality

■ Showers twice as long at the hotel as at home
■ At the hotel, water used on site counts for 8% of operating costs, excluding energy bills
■ Responsible tourism in full swing

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Up to 50% savings on the shower expenses
Up to 50% savings on the shower expenses
Optimize your income statement with substantial and measurable water and energy savings
Quick Return on Investment
Quick Return on Investment
The ROI observed by HYDRAO in the Tourism market is less than one year. HYDRAO has developed a simple and transparent tool for measuring ROI according to the specificities of each client.
Simple installation
Simple installation
HYDRAO solutions are simple, intuitive, and adapt to any standard fitting
Positive customer experience and valuable CSR action
Positive customer experience and valuable CSR action
User feedback in the hotel market is very encouraging, customers appreciate the playful, concrete and committed characteristics of HYDRAO solutions
Calculate your savings
Tell us about your business and we'll show you how much water and energy you could save.
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Savings with HYDRAO

Our recommended solutions


A connected shower head with a flow rate of 6.6L / min
Aloé product sheet


The rain sky connected with a flow of 6.6L / min
Yucca product sheet

Hydrao Meter


Hydrao's smart meter
Meter LoRA / Sigfox product sheet

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