Hydrao Meter

Collect valuable data on your water consumption and analyze it to better understand what is happening in your building with the revolutionary Hydrao Meter.

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A meter listening to your building
A meter listening to your building
Hydrao Meter collects information about the volume, temperature and flow rate of water used.
The high transmission frequency (every 60 seconds) of the information collected makes it possible to quickly detect anomalies.
IoT: Autonomy and Connectivity
IoT: Autonomy and Connectivity
Hydrao Meter contains patented technology to generate energy using a micro-turbine. No battery is necessary for its operation which allows it to display a lifespan of more than 10 years.
The data is transmitted through wireless networks, LoRa or SigFox, to the Hydrao Services.
An analysis and reporting system
An analysis and reporting system
The data generated by Hydrao Meter are uploaded for reporting and analysis to Hydrao’s secure platform. They can be either displayed in a dashboard or integrated into an existing building energy monitoring platform.
Hydrao Meter
What is Hydrao Meter ?
Hydrao Meter is a smart meter that records the volume, flow and temperature of the water circulating in the cold and hot water networks of buildings..

After recording the data, it can transmit the information to the Hydrao platform using LoRa or SigFox wireless technologies.

Like all Hydrao products, the Meter is self-powered thanks to its micro-turbine which starts moving as soon as the water flows. This is generating enough energy to record and transmit data.

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Where is it installed?
Hydrao Meter can be installed wherever you want acurate information on the consumption of cold and hot water; risers, hotel floors, circuit serving specific areas of accommodation (kitchen, bathroom or bathroom, etc.), gymnasium or swimming pool changing room, etc.

The installation of several Hydrao Meters at the entrance of buildings and in the different areas of the same building allows consumption to be compared and possibly abnormal consumption to be detected (leaks, poorly closed taps, etc.).

The Hydrao Meter product is therefore relevant in many markets , for various usages. It is also an asset in rethinking our buildings of the future, particularly in the Smart Building sector.
Data visualization
The data recorded and then transmitted by Hydrao Meter are analyzed and displayed in a dashboard indicating consumption, history, trends, etc.

They can also be integrated within an existing building energy monitoring platform.

Data is stored on a secure server and our solutions comply with GDPR regulations.
55 Hydrao Aloé and 50 Hydrao Meter knobs
(Sink, shower, sink, dishwasher, and washing machine)

Long distance technology (LoRa)

Hydrao has chosen to use LoRa radio technology on its Hydrao Meter product, this choice is explained by: - Long-range and acurate technology that allows to cover an entire building without difficulty. - The reliability of data exchanges and the lifetime of the equipment used for network deployment. - The energy and financial savings of the solution - The open network architecture that allows companies to deploy their own installations.

Long distance technology (SigFox)

Hydrao has chosen to use Sigfox radio technology on its Hydrao Meter product, this choice is explained by: - A single integration backend to retrieve all object messages that can be implemented anywhere in the world (simple integration via API). - Low energy consumption of objects. - Large ecosystem of IoT object suppliers. - Cybersecurity managed in a unified and centralized way.