The Solar Impulse Foundation has achieved its ambitious goal of “1000 Efficient Solutions”!

After the first round-the-world trip in a solar plane, the Solar Impulse foundation announced that it wanted to find 1,000 solutions to promote ecological transition. Now that 1000 solutions have been approved, Bertrand Piccard, president of the Solar Impulse foundation, calls on governments and industries to support these technologies. Indeed, they are, according to him, the key to protect the planet while ensuring economic growth.

The beginnings of Solar Impulse
It all started with two intrepid and forward-thinking Swiss friends: Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg. Both wanted to show that solar energy had a future. So they launched the challenge of an around-the-world flight in a solar plane.

After ten years of development, the Solar Impulse aircraft was finally ready. On July 26, 2016 Bertrand Piccard landed in Abu Dhabi. The aircraft had traveled nearly 40,000 km, without using a drop of fuel.

At this point, it was not so much a breakthrough for aviation, as a breakthrough for renewable energy. The Solar Impulse plane had indeed proven that solar energy can do the impossible.

1000 Efficient Solutions for a better world
But Bertrand Picard did not want to stop there. He aims to take his vision further. Because according to him, ecology should not be confused with sacrifice and economic decline. The president of the Solar Impulse Foundation is convinced that there are already technologies that can have a positive impact on the planet, while also contributing to economic growth.

At the end of 2016, the Solar Impulse foundation therefore launched the Global Alliance for Efficient Solutions. Their goal: to find 1000 eco-friendly AND profitable solutions, with a tangible positive environmental impact. This list of 1000 solutions aims to help companies and governments achieve their ambitious goals in terms of planet protection and carbon neutrality.

For the past several years, myriad solutions have been looked at by a team of independent experts. To obtain the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, a solution must meet their requirements in terms of technological feasibility, environmental impact and economic profitability.

This is why today, Bertrand Picard, the Solar Impulse Foundation and the companies that launched these solutions are very optimistic and proud. Because the goal of 1000 Efficient Solutions for a prosperous ecological transition. If there is no silver bullet, the fact that there are already 1,000 solutions is nothing short of a miracle. This gives us proof of an economically and ecologically viable future!

Companies engaged with Solar Impulse
Green companies in the shower sector
At HYDRAO, we are therefore very proud and humbled to be among the first 1000 Efficient Solutions!

Our HYDRAO Aloé smart shower obtained the Solar Impulse “1000 Efficient Solutions” label in 2019. They meet two UN sustainable development objectives: the SDG 12. Indeed, the HYDRAO smart showers change colors depending on the quantity of water used in real-time and have an eco-flow rate of 6.6L/min. Our Nudge technology solutions thus reduce water AND energy consumption, and are an ideal solution for sustainable homes, buildings and cities.

Many other solutions for a more ecological shower have been selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation. Among these is our partner Joulia. The Swiss company has developed a solution to reduce the energy used to heat the shower water. For this, the energy of the hot water consumed is reused to heat the cold water which arrives in the mixer. Thus the amount of hot water required is reduced. Joulia therefore saves 1900 kWh per year, in a household of 4 people. That’s about 7600 hours of television viewing. This solution is all the more relevant, since we know that 13% of the energy consumed at home is dedicated to heating water!

French companies labeled Solar Impulse
Along with HYDRAO, other French companies have been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label. This is notably the case with OZO, Ecocean and Jean Bouteille.

OZO offers with its conversion kits a simple and ecological solution to transform a standard bicycle into an electric bicycle. By offering an alternative to buying a new bike, OZO makes it possible to have an electric bike 50% cheaper, while reducing our carbon footprint and the waste associated with abandoning our old bike. The little extra: the batteries are made in France.

Ecocean, for its part, has developed a solution to preserve aquatic biodiversity (SDG 14). Today young fish are threatened by coastal human activities. Not finding shelter in port areas, they are more likely to be eaten by predators. Ecocean has therefore developed the Biohut solution. The French company offers artificial habitats providing food and shelter for fish larvae. These fully recyclable and made in France habitats thus promote the survival rate of fish larvae.

Jean Bouteille is developing solutions for liquid bulk. The goal of this French start-up is to extend the life cycle of a bottle by reintroducing the deposit system. Rather than throwing a bottle away for recycling – which takes a lot of energy – the bottles are washed and then reused.

Of course, there are many other solutions labeled Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions. To find the 1000 Efficient Solutions, go to the Solar Impulse Foundation website. You will see that there are a thousand (and one!) reasons to be optimistic about the future of our planet!

HYDRAO releases an educational kit to serve new lessons in engineering sciences

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead, American anthropologist). This is the reason why HYDRAO has invested in the field of education, so that the IoT studied in high school is used for sustainable development.

In close collaboration with teachers in SI and STi2D, HYDRAO has developed an Educational Kit dedicated to the new program of engineering sciences and techniques. The aim of this tool is to make future scientists aware of the preservation of water and energy resources, for systematic consideration of these challenges in the creation of new technological solutions.

This educational kit is an experimental model of the Hydrao Aloé connected knob which allows:

  • animate Design Thinking sessions around water preservation;
  • to study a multi-physical model (hydraulic, mechanical, electrical);
  • create links between physics and connected objects;
  • learn the MicroPython programming language;
  • to study different data transmission protocols (Bluetooth, LoRa, Sigfox);
  • to raise awareness of the protection of personal data.

Concretely, the kit includes:

  • A Nucléo WB card ;
  • An electronic power card ;
  • An LED card ;
  • A turbine without support ;
  • A turbine with support.

These elements are protected in a pine box made and engraved in the Morvan. The kit also includes a real HYDRAO Aloé knob.

Finally, a set of Practical Works was developed by the teachers who supported HYDRAO in the design of this educational project. These labs are freely available on the Education page of the HYDRAO website, to guide teachers in getting started with the kit.

Sarodis & Hydrao rewarded by Inoha

In 2017 Sarodis called on Hydrao as a sanitaryware manufacturer to develop an educational and connected rain sky with “Hydrao Inside” technology. At the end of this partnership, the product Yucca Hydrao x Sarodis was born.

The Yucca shower head effectively sensitizes children and adults and has an ecological flow rate of 6.6L / min (with its limiter) against 20L / min for standard equipment. This shower head is also connected and has a play of light which indicates in real time the volume of water consumed.

Cette innovation Hydrao x Sarodis a été reconnu en remportant le trophée d’argent de l’innovation lors de la cinquième édition de LA NUIT by Inoha.
Inoha récompense chaque année des entreprises adhérentes pour leur démarche engagée et novatrice dans quatre catégories :  l’innovation, la communication, le développement international et la RSE.

This Hydrao x Sarodis innovation was recognized by winning the silver innovation trophy during the fifth edition of LA NUIT by Inoha.
Inoha rewards member companies each year for their committed and innovative approach in four categories: innovation, communication, international development and CSR.

The jury clarified that water consumption is a major issue for the future and that the Yucca shower innovation is a fun tool to change consumption habits in DHW (domestic hot water).

Echoing this trophy, the Hydrao and Sarodis teams were able to present the innovations of the Aloé / Yucca connected and ecological shower to the Habitat press this Tuesday, January 28 at the House of Latin America.

METER The smart meter by HYDRAO

Hydrao will be presenting its new smart water management and preservation solution called Hydrao Meter this Thursday, February 6 at EnerJ Metting.

If many habitat professionals have already adopted the HYDRAO ecological & connected knobs which allow significant water and energy savings and make users aware of eco-responsible behavior, the company offers them today an even more advanced solution in terms of resource management: its new Hydrao Meter technology.

Placed on the building’s cold and hot water circuits in the desired locations, this smart meter collects data on the volume, flow and temperature of the water circulating there. This information is transferred in real time by a LoRa network, then collected on a Hydrao secure platform to be able to visualize consumption, trends, history, etc., and ultimately detect abnormal consumption.

This meter is made up of a patented micro-turbine system which allows it to produce energy independently, without battery aid, for more than 10 years. Hydrao Meter thus offers an essential resource management function, inherent in the buildings of tomorrow.

The first installation will take place in the ABC Link City building built by Bouygues Construction and which will soon be delivered to the social landlord Grenoble Habitat.

Case study Courtyard by Mariott x Hydrao

The Courtyard by Marriott of Paris Arcueil, 4-star hotel, located at 6 avenue President Salvadore Allende, 94110 Arcueil, was equipped in 2019 with200 HYDRAO Aloé knobs.

In order to analyze the fallout, they carried out a test in five rooms to measure the incentive effect of the lights on the Aloé HYDRAO pommels, thanks to the HYDRAO application which, on a small scale, can connect the pommels via Bluetooth to configure color change thresholds and monitor consumption.

The test took place over a month (mid-October to mid-November) to avoid any seasonal variations that could bias the data.

During the first 15 days the hotel chose not to configure the color change so as not to use the nudge effect and to be able to compare the data with the following 15 days during which the Aloé pommels were used in full.

Their results show that the hotel saves 40% on domestic hot water (DHW) with the HYDRAO Aloé knobs:

  • 25% thanks to their economical flow (before HYDRAO, the hotel had a flow of 8L / min)
  • 15% thanks to the “nudge” effect, ie the reduction in shower time induced by the effect of lights and therefore awareness.

Denis Laus, General Manager of the Courtyard by Mariott Hotel in Paris Arcueil explains: “After 2 months of using HYDRAO knobs by our customers, the first impact observed is the reduction in water consumption in our hotel, up to what we had estimated. This will allow us a priori to reach the ROI on which we had planned with this project. The second impact, which we did not expect, is the abundance of positive feedback from our customers. They appreciate the innovative side of the HYDRAO solution and I even had requests so that I could buy them privately ”

Hydrao participates at the EnerJ Meeting event

Hydrao will present its water-efficient and connected shower heads, its new smart meter and its software solutions at the EnerJ Meeting, dedicated to the energy and environmental efficiency of the building, on February 6 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris.

This will be an opportunity to come and discover our new Hydrao Meter technology, suitable for many building sectors and particularly in tune with Smart Building. An opportunity to anticipate the uses and needs of tomorrow, all the more important in the face of the future 2020 environmental regulations for new buildings.

Placed on the building’s cold and hot water circuits in the desired locations, this smart meter collects data on the volume, flow and temperature of the water circulating there. This information is transferred in real time by a LoRa or Sigfox network, then collected on a Hydrao secure platform to be able to view consumption, trends, histories, etc., and ultimately detect abnormal consumption.

This meter is made up of a patented micro-turbine system which allows it to produce energy independently, without battery aid, for more than 10 years. Hydrao Meter thus fulfills an essential function of resource management, inherent in the buildings of tomorrow.

Meet us in the Start-up area, Stand n°23 / EnerJ Meeting / Palais Brongniart, 28 place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris / 6 février 2020.

HYDRAO, the IoT / Nudge water management specialist will exhibit at the Hotel360 Expo 2019

HYDRAO, the IoT / Nudge water management specialist will exhibit at the Hotel360 Expo 2019 in ExCel London on September 18th & 19th. Booth #122.

HYDRAO iot/Nudge solutions help hotel’s guests to get aware about their heated water usage in the shower by informing them on how much water they are using in real-time. This nudge system encourages them to cut shower time.

Lire la suite and HiUSA recommend HYDRAO’s water saving solutions

Hotels need to opt for Smart water-saving solutions: HYDRAO showerheads in Hostelling International USA (HI USA) encourage guests to take shorter showers reducing water & energy usage.

Hydrao’s smart solutions significantly help hotels to proactively manage the water used per guest night.

An innovation that is highlihghted by below: Untapping hotel water consumption solutions

To know more about our water saving solutions dedicated to the Hotels :