Hydrao will be presenting its new smart water management and preservation solution called Hydrao Meter this Thursday, February 6 at EnerJ Metting.

If many habitat professionals have already adopted the HYDRAO ecological & connected knobs which allow significant water and energy savings and make users aware of eco-responsible behavior, the company offers them today an even more advanced solution in terms of resource management: its new Hydrao Meter technology.

Placed on the building’s cold and hot water circuits in the desired locations, this smart meter collects data on the volume, flow and temperature of the water circulating there. This information is transferred in real time by a LoRa network, then collected on a Hydrao secure platform to be able to visualize consumption, trends, history, etc., and ultimately detect abnormal consumption.

This meter is made up of a patented micro-turbine system which allows it to produce energy independently, without battery aid, for more than 10 years. Hydrao Meter thus offers an essential resource management function, inherent in the buildings of tomorrow.

The first installation will take place in the ABC Link City building built by Bouygues Construction and which will soon be delivered to the social landlord Grenoble Habitat.