The Courtyard by Marriott of Paris Arcueil, 4-star hotel, located at 6 avenue President Salvadore Allende, 94110 Arcueil, was equipped in 2019 with200 HYDRAO Aloé knobs.

In order to analyze the fallout, they carried out a test in five rooms to measure the incentive effect of the lights on the Aloé HYDRAO pommels, thanks to the HYDRAO application which, on a small scale, can connect the pommels via Bluetooth to configure color change thresholds and monitor consumption.

The test took place over a month (mid-October to mid-November) to avoid any seasonal variations that could bias the data.

During the first 15 days the hotel chose not to configure the color change so as not to use the nudge effect and to be able to compare the data with the following 15 days during which the Aloé pommels were used in full.

Their results show that the hotel saves 40% on domestic hot water (DHW) with the HYDRAO Aloé knobs:

  • 25% thanks to their economical flow (before HYDRAO, the hotel had a flow of 8L / min)
  • 15% thanks to the “nudge” effect, ie the reduction in shower time induced by the effect of lights and therefore awareness.

Denis Laus, General Manager of the Courtyard by Mariott Hotel in Paris Arcueil explains: “After 2 months of using HYDRAO knobs by our customers, the first impact observed is the reduction in water consumption in our hotel, up to what we had estimated. This will allow us a priori to reach the ROI on which we had planned with this project. The second impact, which we did not expect, is the abundance of positive feedback from our customers. They appreciate the innovative side of the HYDRAO solution and I even had requests so that I could buy them privately ”