■ 40% of the daily water consumption in the bathroom / bathroom
■ Growing share of DHW in building energy expenditure
■ Need to reduce the building's carbon footprint and therefore raise occupant awareness

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Energy performance
Energy performance
The cost of a shower is evenly distributed between water and energy to heat it. The impact is therefore twofold and contributes to the overall energy performance at home.
Expenses control
Expenses control
Thanks to substantial and measurable savings, occupants quickly see their bills fall, especially in the case of monthly remote reading
Awareness and Eco-Responsibility
Awareness and Eco-Responsibility
Raise consumption awareness, build social links by mobilizing towards a shared goal for the common good, enhance environmental initiatives
Innovation and Simplicity
Innovation and Simplicity
Hydrao solutions combine the fun and high-tech aspect with the simplicity of installation and use
Calculate your savings
Tell us a little bit about your business and we'll show you how much water and energy you could save.
Number of housings
Average people per household
Current shower water flow
Water cost
Energy cost

Savings with HYDRAO

Our recommended solutions


A connected shower head with a flow rate of 6.6L / min
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The rain sky connected with a flow of 6.6L / min
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Hydrao Meter


Hydrao's smart meter
Meter LoRA / Sigfox product sheet

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