March 22nd is the World Water Day. This is the date we chose to launch our brand new smart showerhead that will enable even more water savings. Making people aware of their water usage since childhood is important to us. Therefore, we develop the HYDRAO Shower product line-up. Indeed, all our showerheads light up the water spay in real-time based on water usage. That’s why HYDRAO Shower Aloé name is inspired by the flowers growing in the desert which are very efficient in their water management. This new HYDRAO showerhead has better water-saving capabilities with a lower flow rate (6.6L/min max.), multi-jet and better performances at low water pressure.
HYDRAO Shower Aloé will enable a 56% cut in water usage under the shower. It allows 150€ savings on your water and energy bills (40€ and 110€ respectively) on an average shower of 75L. Whereas regular showerheads have a 12L/min flow rate, HYDRAO Aloé is best of class with 6.6L/min. This low flow rate reduces mechanically by 45% your water usage. Moreover, thanks to HYDRAO’s nudge effect, there are another 20% savings: the colours and the water usage monitoring through the HYDRAO Shower App change behaviours durably and positively.