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Compliance with the new RE 2020 regulations, simple and educational dashboards for water consumption, awareness on the environmental impact of our behaviors : Hydrao's integrated and connected solutions measure and control the use of water in buildings and help operators to reach their energy efficiency goal.

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Water usage measurement and control
Water usage measurement and control
Hydrao solutions allow real-time monitoring of sanitary hot water consumption in the residential, tertiary or collective facilities. This information, either detailed or as an executive dashboard, can be accessed via Hydrao’s secure platform, or integrated within existing solutions.
Usage Business model
Usage Business model
The key point for the manager of an hotel, a collective facility or a set of accommodation is to be able to provide the best service to customers and users and to be assured of the durability of its facilities, of the flexibility of their evolution and the quality of their maintenance. Hydrao offers its customers innovative business models in the form of a global service including equipment, technical infrastructure and access to the secure platform.
Modelization of usages
Modelization of usages
Anticipate the evolution of energy expenses, appropriately size water heating equipment, better understand behavior: Hydrao solutions make it possible to modelize usages in order to optimizing costs and consumption
Leaks detection
Leaks detection
Leaks are not only an unacceptable waste of an increasingly critical resource, but they can come also at an unaffordable cost if not detected in time. The Hydrao solution makes it possible to alert almost in real time, in the event of a significant leak, or to detect abnormal consumption over time through the modelization of usages
Hydrao member of the Smart Building Alliance
The building sector represents 44% of the energy consumed in France, far ahead of the transport sector (31%). To make the building more energy efficient, it is necessary to massively renovate the existing ones, to develop more demanding standards for new buildings and to be able to measure and control the consumption of energy and fluids. In particular sanitary hot water) which has become a strategic issue following the progress made in other areas such as insulation and heating.

It is therefore natural that Hydrao joined the SBA to raise concerns related to water consumption and to be proactive in better measuring, controlling and reducing it.
What is SmartBuilding ?
A "smart building" incorporates a layer of digital tools allowing, among other things, the optimization of energy resources, user comfort, building security, etc.

Sensors make it possible to recover a large amount of data: temperature, water consumption, presence, opening of doors and windows, etc. It is also possible to integrate information from building management systems (BMS) or data external to the building : nearby public transport timetable, weather forecast, etc.

The smart building thus becomes more operationally efficient, more comfortable and healthy for these occupants, and thanks to the optimization of its consumption is a key factor in the energy transition.

RE 2020 regulations in France as
an application of the European directive
Compliance with commitments made in the fight against climate change, recently reaffirmed in the Energy Climate Law, assumes that France will achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. One of the main levers is to act on emissions from buildings and from the residential sector as well as the service sector, which counts for a quarter of national greenhouse gas emissions

The Hydrao Aloé knobs were installed in the Le Roncevaux building, a Grand Lyon Habitat project, labeled E + C-, certification prefiguring RE 2020 regulations.
Our experience with SmartBuilding