HYDRAO, your partner for meeting hotel sustainability goals.

Most hotels are committed to reducing their water and energy use – to drive both environmental benefits and financial savings. However, finding simple solutions to meet these goals and engage clients to help support change is challenging.

HYDRAO Pro solutions for hotels are designed to meet these needs. Simple to install and deploy in small-scale and large-scale hotel chains, they are designed for easy centralized real-time monitoring (energy, water usage, water quality), and help visually engage customers in water usage change.

HYDRAO Pro hotel solutions are tailored for specific hotels and hotel chain needs.



Integrate HYDRAO Pro solutions into your eco-building project for sustainability and innovation with a clear visual demonstration of your commitment.

HYDRAO Pro solutions can enhance the sustainability of your eco-building project, helping reduce overall energy and water usage, while encouraging changes in users’ water consumption habits, driving significant savings over time. Thanks to a colored LED sequence, users have the added benefit of seeing a visual indicator of the building’s pro-environment innovation, reinforcing their sustainability commitment.

HYDRAO Pro eco-building solutions can be tailored for specific project needs.

Government and Administration

Government & Administration

Water conservation innovation for the future of your community with HYDRAO.

Whether your project involves eco-housing construction or renovation, government building sustainability enhancements, or even hospital water management programs, HYDRAO is developing innovative smart-water management solutions for your needs. At the heart of all of these projects is the need for easy-to-use and easy-to-manage solutions for environmental savings or water quality improvements.

HYDRAO Pro government solutions can be tailored for specific project needs.

Environmental Strategy Reinforcement

Environmental Strategy

Most large companies today are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, either via company policy or through encouraging workforce initiatives.

HYDRAO solutions can help businesses at both levels; HYDRAO Showers are a great employee gift for encouraging sustainability and HYDRAO Pro solutions can be deployed on office campuses for centralized water savings management.

Smart City


HYDRAO is partnering with water utility companies to develop easy-to-deploy ecological water monitoring and management solutions that combine our expertise in data management and eco-design hardware innovation.



HYDRAO Inside OEM solutions to bring smart-shower innovation to your designs.

HYDRAO’s patented smart-shower technology can be integrated into OEM designs to bring new levels of innovation and a sustainable edge to your products.