Overview x

HYDRAO is a world innovation leader in smart solutions for water conservation and management.

Headquartered in Grenoble, France, the company was founded by Gabriel Della-Monica in 2015 with a vision of using technology innovation to help resolve the growing water scarcity and quality issues.

The company is part of the French Tech initiative to drive digital innovation and growth, and has enjoyed rapid success in France, receiving multiple industry awards for its HYDRAO smart shower solution.

In 2017, the company started its international expansion, and is currently partnering with distribution partners and water organisations across Europe, in the United States and Asia.

Following the initial success of its HYDRAO shower solution, HYDRAO is continuing to develop further smart solutions to help drive water conservation and meet water-quality challenges for business organizations, government entities and consumers. These developments include new solutions for managing hospitality-industry water management and quality issues, eco-building design and management, OEM smart-product design, corporate environmental policy support, and utility companies.

Our Founder & Vision x

Gabriel Della-Monica

Gabriel Della-Monica founded HYDRAO in 2015 to pursue his vision of applying connected technology innovation to protect clean water resources on our planet – by placing water users at the heart of its conservation.

Clean water is an increasingly scarce natural resource, creating environmental, economical, and societal political challenges. By gently encouraging water users to reduce their water usage, HYDRAO can help organizations and consumers make a significant positive impact on the environment and on water spending. HYDRAO solutions combine simplicity and enjoyment, with sophisitcated smart-water technology to empower users and make their impact a reality.

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