Smart solutions to preserve water

HYDRAO, a responsible and committed brand that allows people to have access to sustainable and fun technologies to preserve water and energy and reconcile ecology and savings.

“Water is a precious resource, the digital revolution will allow us to preserve it."

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Water and energy savings
Water and energy savings
HYDRAO solutions generate savings on both water and energy bills.
As a result, they allow for optimized sizing of the equipment for producing domestic hot water.
Raising awareness of eco-responsible and sustainable behaviour
Raising awareness of eco-responsible and sustainable behaviour
HYDRAO solutions raise consumer awareness and encourage them to adopt an eco-responsible behaviour.
The playful, educational aspect and the Nudge effect have a significant and lasting impact over time on the user's consumption habits.
Innovation and simplicity
Innovation and simplicity
HYDRAO solutions are in constant evolution and aim to change the way we use water.
HYDRAO offers a set of innovative and easy-to-use products and services to help individuals and companies to take action on their water and energy consumption
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A connected shower head with a flow rate of 6.6L / min
Aloé product sheet


The rain sky connected with a flow of 6.6L / min
Yucca product sheet

Hydrao Meter


Hydrao's smart meter
Meter LoRA / Sigfox product sheet

Hydrao supports your CSR approach

The HYDRAO product range is the perfect CSR gift for your business. Playful and high impact, you will enhance your attachment to the themes of innovation and the environment. We can also support you in your CSR approach by organizing, with you, challenges for your employees or customers.

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“Attract new customers with HYDRAO products. Modern, connected and fun, the HYDRAO shower will allow your customers to reduce their bills and have responsible consumption. ”

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Water market players

Water market players

“HYDRAO offers a range of products that responds to economic and ecological issues related to the consumption of water and energy. It’s the perfect tool for running awareness and data analytics campaigns."

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“HYDRAO can develop your products, sold under your brand with the" HYDRAO Inside "logo, or help you to include our patented technology in your existing products.”

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